your bliss awaits..
at shamballa
we offer a serene escape from the cacophonous city. rooted in vietnamese cuisine, we serve unique flavours inspired by traditional and foreign ingredients we come across. inhale the aromas of fragrant food and earthy incense. exhale the weight of the world upon you.

unwind your mind in a space curated for your comfort.
a wide array of flavours
experience the colours of sweetness, savouriness, sourness, and overall lightness in our vegetarian cuisine. based in vietnamese flavours, we continuously strive to explore how we can incorporate other ingredients of the world into our own dishes.

having trouble deciding on what to dine on? our visual menu offers everyone a colourful buffet to feast your eyes upon!
from our hearts to yours
in a world constantly moving, changing, transforming, evolving into something new, we can lose ourselves to the pace, forgetting the small moments that remind us we’re alive. the world can take its toll on us, so it’s important to leave time and effort to find our sense of self.

we invite you into our peaceful haven, where earthy incense circles the air, where a sense of openness blooms above, where flavours become precious memories.
impacting our planet
earth is changing much faster than how we, as a society, are implementing change. it is therefore important we work to achieve a goal of carbon neutrality. we are highly aware of our carbon footprint, and we consciously make decisions to reduce our environmental impact, ensuring each dish we serve comforts us and our home.

we want the world of the future to have the opportunity of experiencing the beauty we still have today.
your bliss awaits..